Multi-berry Combo

Multi-berry Combo £40

over 700g of fresh berries goes into each 70g pack

  • anti-oxidants
  • high in vitamin e
  • high in vitamin k
Multi-berry Combo
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Get all four berry packs and save 20%!

Naturally packed with an assortment of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, E & K. We recommend adding a spoonful to your smoothie, yoghurt or porridge to strengthen your immune system, fasten up your metabolism and fight off harmful free-radicals.


  • Get the delicious & immune-boosting nutrition of helka blueberry

  • Experience the unique kick of chokeberry, the Vitamin C and heart-healthy Vitamin B1 powerhouse

  • Flush out the toxins and give your digestive system a boost with our wild cranberry

  • Treat yourself to nature's age-defying superberry, Lingonberry - packed full of polyphenols to fight visible signs of ageing

  • Over 3kg worth of fresh berries in each multi-pack!

    Each of our berry powders are grown organically and sustainably handpicked from the wild forests in Finland. Take advantage of all four berries and save 20%!

    •   No added
    •   Picked by
    •   Wild
    •   Non-GMO
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