We are helkå.

We love making healthy products that are simple to use, and honest to the core.

We don’t use any fillers, chemicals or nasty stuff.

Just 100% berry powders, that have been picked by hand, from Finland. that’s it.

our process

Much like fine wines, we believe the cultivation process behind the berry matters. Although our traditional process is somewhat labour intensive, we believe it adds to the flavour and nutritional goodness of the berry.

  •   No added
  •   100% Pure
  •   Picked by
  •   Non-GMO
  •   Wild

Our team

We created Helka as a simple way to get 100% berry powders into our diet. We believe that ‘health’ products should not be filled with unhealthy fillers or nasty additives. Here’s a little bit about us…


Charlotte is a health blogger and psychology PhD student who is passionate about keeping our bodies and minds healthy. Charlotte manages our Instagram account and creates healthy plant-based recipes and writes about nutrition, mental health and exercise on her blog.


Caine founded Helka when he was unable to find 100% pure berry powders (without any additives). With a keen interest in health and fitness, Caine believes food and nutrition to be the key to a healthier and happier life.


Maria is our official recipe creator! She’s a massive foodie and loves to use fresh and healthy ingredients to create inspiring recipes, you can check out some of her amazing work on the blog section of our site. Alongside Helka, Maria runs a taste little vegan blog